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Office Address & Telephone Number List

Sr. No. Name of the office Telephone number Full address of the premises with pin code
1 Head Office 02269801000 9, Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Lane, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001.
2 Administrator Office - Vashi 02227896835 Plot No.88, Sector No.17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai - 400 703.

Officers Contact Details

Dr. A.R. Deshmukh Managing Director Mumbai Office
: 02269801000, Vashi Office : 02227896835
Name Place Designation Department Telephone No. Email ID
Shri D. N. Dighe Mumbai Officer on Special duty Department for Institutional Recovery & Revival,Inspection & Audit (Including Internal Audit),Treasury, Information Technology, Corporate Planning and Institutional Development, Urban Banks Dept, Head Office, Mumbai 02269801102
Dr. (Shri) A.M. Bhuibhar Mumbai Officer on Special duty Agro Industrial Cooperative,Project Appraisal & Marketing,Central Financing Agencies, General Administration,Banking,International Banking Division, Head Office ,Mumbai 02269801108
Dr.(Smt.) T. S. Korde Mumbai Dy. Gen. Manager Central Financing Agencies, Risk Management [Chief Risk Officer(CRO)], Head Office ,Mumbai 02269801117
Shri N. N. Jadhav Mumbai Dy. Gen. Manager Banking, International Banking Division, Department for Institutional Recovery & Revival, Information Technology, Head Office , Mumbai 02269801107
Shri S.H. Bawale Mumbai Dy. Gen. Manager Corporate Planning and Institutional Development Department, Inspection and Audit department (Including Internal audit),Head Office ,Mumbai
Shri S.M. Pol Mumbai Dy. Gen. Manager Agro industrial cooperative Department(Including Project Appraisal and Marketing), General Administration, Head Office , Mumbai 02269801290
Shri M.V. Khaire Mumbai Dy. Gen. Manager Treasury Department, Urban Banks Department, Head Office , Mumbai 02269801261
Shri A.L. Shinde Nanded Manager Regional Office, Nanded 02462284919
Shri M.M. Ahuja Pune Manager Regional Office, Pune 02025676305
Shri R.T. Surve Mumbai Manager Banking,Head Office , Mumbai 02269801051
Shri B.V. Gohokar Mumbai Manager Agro Industrial Cooperative Department,Head Office , Mumbai 02269801281
Smt. M.M. Joshi Mumbai Manager Urban Banks Department,Addl. Charge:-
General Administration,Head Office , Mumbai
Shri S.B. Patil Mumbai Manager Information Technology Department,Head Office , Mumbai 02269801072
Shri S.R. Shinde Mumbai Manager Treasury,Head Office , Mumbai 02269801262
Shri D.N. Khaire Kolhapur Manager Regional office,Kolhapur 02312652762
Shri N.C. Asolkar Mumbai Joint Manager Human Resource Development & Management Department,Head Office , Mumbai 02269801182
Shri V.A.Patil Mumbai Joint Manager Board Department, Head Office , Mumbai 02269801192
Shri S.P. Tejankar Nagpur Joint Manager Regional office,Nagpur 07122729096
Shri R.S. Yeole Mumbai Joint Manager International Banking Division,YCP,Mumbai 022028609
Shri D.C. Lambole Mumbai Joint Manager Corporate Planning and Institutional Development Head Office, Mumbai 02269801252
Shri. R.H. Patil Nashik Joint Manager Regional office, Nashik 02532379589
Shri S.R. Pandhare Mumbai Joint Manager Inspection & Audit (Including Internal Audit Department),Head Office , Mumbai 02269801174
Shri A.D. Joshi Mumbai Joint Manager Department for Institutional Recovery & Revival,Head Office , Mumbai 02269801172
Shri. B.D. Deshmukh Aurangabad Consultant Regional office, Aurangabad 02402485221
Sr. No. Name of the Department Contact Details Address of Department
1 Treasury Department 022-69801261/1270/1262 9, Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Lane, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001.
2 NEFT/RTGS/SFMS Department 022-69801257/1258 9, Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Lane, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001.
3 IT Department 022-69801075/1076 9, Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Lane, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001.
4 ATM Department 022-69801068/1800 222 311 9, Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Lane, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001.
5 CTS Department 022-69801006/1014/1005 9, Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Lane, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001.
Sr. No. Name of Government Scheme Grievance Officer E-Mail id & Contact Details
1 Atal Pension Yojna Shri.A.M.Bhuibhar , General Manager & 02269801108