Corporate Planning and Institutional Development Department

Corporate Planning and Institutional Development (CPID) Department was formed in Oct. 2007 with a view to suggesting measure to transform the Bank into a vibrant and strong institution that would lead its client institutions in the process of economic activities, to achieve socio-economic development through co-operative process with special reference to those in the countryside.

This department has three sub-sections

  1. Policy Section
  2. Management Information System (MIS)
  3. Taxation

Policy Section

carry out policy related functions viz. Defining mission of the Bank, Policy formulation , Preparation of various loans schemes for business and support services, Suggest innovations in systems and In-depth analyses of problems through research. Further the functions related to preparation of Bank’s profile, data analyses & interpretation. The section prepares Annual Budget for revenue and capital expenditure for various section of the Bank.

This department is taking constant review of interest rate on Deposits and Loans & Advances with a view of RBI Policy & market situation. This helps for positive impact on banks financial strength. This department has also undertakes ALM related analysis in relation with RBI Monitoring Policy which helps in taking decision at management level. ALCO Committee has been formed to review Assets & Liabilities of the Bank. ALCO Committee meeting is conducted as and when required.

All circulars from RBI, NABARD & State Govt. were sent to concerned department for necessary action. All such circulars and related correspondence with action initiated are kept in Board meeting.

The Management Information System (MIS)

Functions related to preparation of financial statements, Banks Balance Sheet and Annual report and submission of all statutory returns to RBI / NABARD regularly, Execution of Transfer Price Mechanism & has also prepared Business Plan for the Period from 2012 to 2017.

Taxation Section

This sub-section looks after the matters related to various taxes applicable to the bank like payment of taxes, submission of Returns, representing to Income Tax Authorities etc. The sub-section also provides assistance for the issues pertaining to taxation matters and appraise branches with the amendments in Tax policies. This section also undertakes work of filing GST returns for all locations of Bank.

Policies framed by CPID Department are as under:

  • Refinance to Urban Co-op. Banks from MSCB's own fund for Housing Finance.
  • Finance to Traders / Businessmen beyond Co-operative Sector for Modernisation & Expansion of their Project / Business.
  • Term Loan finance to take over Term Loan finance of other banks to Educational Instutions / Trust to provide basic facilities for education.
  • Refinance to DCCBs from own funds on Pledge of gold loan given to their customer / members.
  • Co-finance with Urban Banks.
  • Implementation of Basic Saving Bank Deposit A/c. Scheme under Financial Inclusion.
  • Term Loan finance to Private Sugar Factories for Co-gen project, Machinery modernisation & Erection of Ethenol project.
  • Term loan finance to sugar factories to purchase & run other sugar factories on long term Lease / Colaberation / Partnership.
  • Extension & Reschedulement of Medium Term loan sanction to sugar factories for Co-gen Project Machinery modernisation & Ethenol project.
  • Consortium finance arrangements.
  • Bill discounting scheme for sugar factory having Co-gen project and supplying electricity to Mahavitaran.
  • Policy of Shikhar Mortgage loan scheme.
  • Policy for takeover of sugar factories working capital finance fully or partially.
  • Policy for takeover of sugar factories (Private & Co-operative) term loan finance availed by other Banks.
  • Revised policy for KYC, Prevention of Money Laundring & combating of financial terrorism.
  • Term loan policy for Green field project of new private & cooperative sugar factories for erection, Co-gen & Ethenol project.
  • Comprehensive circular of interest on deposits.
  • Implementation of "Project Young Champions Scheme" in collaboration with NPCI.
  • Policy of "Sanjeevan Hypothecation Cash Credit Scheme" for providing working capital hypothecation finance to shopkeepers/ traders / registered proprietorship concern / partnership firms.
  • Customer Grievance Redressal policy.
  • Policy of "Jaswandi Adhikarsh Loan Scheme" for DCC & Urban Co-op. Bank against pledge of Govt. securities.
  • Policy of 'A' Class membership of MSC Bank
  • Baliraja Shikhar Thibak Sanch / Sub-surface Jalsinchan Loan Scheme for Cane grower farmers of Co-operative & Private Sugar factories.
  • Revision in comprehensive policy of charging processing fee, commitment, prepayment & contingent charges on various loans sanctioned.