Corporate Planning and Institutional Development Department

Corporate Planning and Institutional Development (CPID) Department was formed in Oct 2007 with a view to suggesting measure to transform the Bank into a vibrant and strong institution that would lead its client institutions in the process of economic activities, to achieve socio-economic development through co-operative process.

This department has two sub-sections

  1. Management Information System (MIS)
  2. Policy Section

The Management Information System (MIS)

Functions related to preparation of financial statements, Banks Balance Sheet and Annual report and submission of all statutory returns to RBI/NABARD, Execution of Transfer Price Mechanism & has also prepared Business Plan for the period from 2012 to 2017. Our Tax sub-section looks after Income-Tax assessment & Payment of the Bank, Branches & all tax related matters.

Policy Section

Carry out policy related functions viz. defining mission of the Bank, policy formulation, preparation of schemes for business and support services, suggest innovations in systems and do in-depth analyses of problems through research. Further the functions related to data analysis & interpretation. This section prepares Annual Budget for revenue and capital expenditure for various section of the bank.

This department is taking constant review of interest rate on Deposits and Loans & Advances in light of RBI Policy & market situation. This has given positive impact on banks financial strength. This dept. has also undertaken ALM related analysis which helps to take the decision at management level. Alco Committee has been formed to review Assets & Liability of the Bank. Alco Committee meeting is conducted in every month.

Following Policies / Schemes have been formulated by this Dept.

  • Refinance to Urban Co-op. Banks for housing purpose.
  • Schemes for financing expansion/modernisation of the units out of co-operative fold.
  • Risk Management Policy, Credit Policy & Credit Risk Management Policy.
  • Co-finance to Urban Co-operative Banks
  • Retail Banking Schemes (Revised)
  • Policy for extending Loan to Private Sugar Factories
  • Policy for Financing in consortium
  • Policy for procurement various items for Bank
  • Policy for disposing off scrap
  • Discounting of electricity supply bills of sugar factories to MSEDCL
  • Shikhar Mortgage Loan Scheme for individuals, co-operative institutions & businessmen etc.