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The co-operative movement in India traces its origin to a period as early as 1904, when the Co-operative Credit Societies Act was enacted. As far as co-operative sector is concerned, Maharashtra is the most developed state in the country. There is hardly any village in the state which remains untouched by the co-operative movement and hardly any important economic activity that is not covered under a co-operative fold. The co-operative movement in Maharashtra is nourished by a three-tier co-operative credit structure, at the helm of which is The Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank Limited (MSCB). At the middle level are 31 District Central Co-operative Banks (DCCBs) and at the bottom level, over 21269 Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS) are functioning.

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The network of the co-operative Credit structure in Maharashtra

Sr. No. The Maharashtra State Co-op. Bank 2013-14 Co-operative Credit Structure
(Maharashtra State)
1 Head Office (Mumbai) 1 No. of DCC Banks 31
2 Administrative Office (Vashi) 1 No. of Branches of DCCBs 3711
3 Regional Offices 4 Total No. of PACS 21269
4 Pay Offices 2 Members of PACS 11141670
5 Divisional Offices 8 Borrower Members 4879198
6 Branches 43 No. of Urban Co-op. Banks 520
7 Extension Counters 3 No. of Branches of Urban Co-op. Banks 4426
8 CTS Service Centres 7 No. of Urban Co-op. Cr. Sty’s. (Mar 09) 26629
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