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MSC Bank
Medium Term Agricultural Loan


Departments and Functions of MSCB's Administrative Office
  1. Central Financing Agencies Dept. (CFA's)
    CFA Dept. caters the financial needs of all DCC Banks under various refinance schemes of NABARD. CFA specifically deals with sanction (new and review) of credit limits to the District Central Cooperative banks. These loans are disbursed through the regional offices and utilisation position / operations are reported to the department for control purpose. The DCCBs also submit their balance sheets, other financial statements and various reports to the department for perusal, consolidation and forward submission to NABARD / RBI etc. This department also liasions with NABARD for refinance purpose and gets necessary government guarantees thereof.





  1. Agro Industrial Cooperatives (AIC) Dept.
    AIC Dept provides direct finance to co-operative processing units like Sugar Factories / Spinning Mills / Oil Mills, Marketing Co-operatives and other cooperative Industrial Units. AIC dept. processes credit requests from sugar and other processing societies, weavers' societies besides other apex bodies like Marketing Federation, spinning mills etc. Both Term Loan as well as working Capital loan requests are sanctioned. These loans are also disbursed throught the regional offices and utilization position / operations are reported to the department for control purpose. Wherever required, stock statements, inspection reports are prescribed and obtained for control purpose and ensure proper utilization of funds, periodical review reports to the Board of Directors are also submitted. The department also includes a 'Recovery Cell' to closely follow up difficult-of-recovery accounts so as to recover the old dues expeditiously. The department also takes care of the loan documentation including obtaining of third party guarantees and creation of charge on the immovable assets as per the terms of sanction.
    Type of Loans:
    1. Working Capital Loans
         - Clean Cash Credit
         - Hypothecation CC
         - Pledge CC
    2. Pre-seasonal
    3. Interim loan / Temporary Loan
    4. Term Loan





  1. Urban Bank Dept (UBD)

UBD provides finance to urban co-op banks in the state under RBI and SIDBI Schemes and from own funds. The Urban banking department's work relates to financing of the Urban Cooperative Banks by granting them loan facilites. The funding is done through own funds of the bank. The advance given by the bank is to refinance the urban cooperative banks for their advances to the members against hypothecation / pledge of goods and / or ornaments but not the machinery, vehicle or house. However in case of financing provided under the special schemes of NHB, RBI, SIDBI, refinance is availed of from the respective agencies. Annual review of facilities sanctioned by this department is placed before the board.

Urban Banks department of the bank is playing very significant role by guiding UCBs on various issues arises by them in day to day working. This department consolidate the statistical information of the UCBs in the state.
The urban co-op. Banks department provides various types of loans to he member UCBs in the State as under.

1. Cash Credit
The bank sanctions cash credit loan Limit from its own funds to UCBs against non -overdue outstandings of pledge and hypothecation [except Machinery, Vehicle and Home loan] and loans against gold armaments given by UCBs at the margin of 10% and 20% respectively. Also sanction cash credit limit on non-overdue outstandings of personal loans of salary earners banks at the margin of 40% for the period of one year at the Rate of 10.50% interest.

2. Refinance under Section 17[2] bb along with 4[c] of the RBI Act 1934.
The bank also sanctions working capital to UCBs under section 17[2] bb along with 4[c] of the RBI Act 1934 against their assistance to small and cottage industries to meet their working capital requirement. The said loans is available from RBI at bank rate [present bank rate is 6%] to us and we provides to UCBs by adding 0.5% margin + 2% govt. guarantee fee. Period of this loan in one year.

3. SIDBI Refinance
The bank sanctions medium term loans under the refinance scheme of Small Industries Development Bank of India [SIDBI] to members of UCBs for vehicles, machinery Hospitals and Hotels. The facility is provided under following schemes.
a] Automatic Refinance Scheme. [ARS]
b] Normal Refinance Scheme. {NRS]
The above refinance is available to SCB at 10.00% to 12.50% interest rate from SIDBI. and MSCB charge 0.5% as a margin..
The bank is also provides loan facility to members of UCBs under the Bill Rediscounting Scheme of SIDBI and IDBI.

4. NHB Refinance Scheme
The bank sanctions term loans housing under refinance Scheme of National Housing Bank [NHB] for financing non-Schdule UCBs to urban and rural areas for construction of new houses, purchase of house or extension, renovation and repairs etc. In respect of Latest Interest rats, NHB said to contact their office.

5. Loans to UCBs for purchasing /constructing of H.O./ Branch
Finance is provided by MSCB from its own funds to UCBs for constructing/ purchasing of their own Head Office/ Branch premises.
Maximum Limit - 100% of owned funds or Rs. 500.00 lac, whichever is loss.
Margin - 15% of premises / Plot cost.
Rate of interest - 11%
Period - 7 year.
Security - ` Purchasing Property.

6 Finance for Computerization of Head Office and Branches of UCBs
Finance is provided by MSCB from its own funds to UCBs for computerization of its Head Office and Branches.
Maximum Limit - 75% of computer System.
Margin - 25%.
Rate of interest - 13.5%
Period - 5 year.
Security - Purchasing computer System.

7. Refinance to UCBs against its non overdue finance to members for housing purpose :
Refinance is provided by MSCB from its own funds to UCBs in Grade I & II against its non-overdue housing finance to housing societies and individual members [excluding finance provided by other banks financial institutions like NHB]
1- Eligible Borrower : Registered Coop Society and Individual Borrower
Maximum Limit : 80% of non- overdue outstanding of housing loans
disbursed by UCBs.
Margin : 20%
Rate of Interest : 10.50%
Repayment Period : 60 equal installment.
Security : collateral as 80% of non-over dues outstanding
Joint & Several guarantee bond on Rs.200/- Stamp paper.
- Loan agreement and promissory notes.
- unencumbered. property of UCB as collateral Security.

8. Import / Export Business of UCBs
Import/Export transactions of members of UCBs are handed by international Banking Division of the MSCB. MSCB is working as Authorized Dealer for those UCBs complying norms stipulated by RBI and seeking for mobilization of Deposits of Non- Resident Indian [NRI]

9. Besides above, overdraft [O.D.] limits are sanctioned to UCBs against its fixed deposits with our Bank.

10. Treasury dept. of MSCB provides facility like sale/ purchase of Government Securities opening and operating CGSL Account.

11. Quick funds transfer through RTGS etc.

12. Our Bank has decided to arrange workshop on Investment Guidelines for Urban Co-op. Banks in the State,jointly with Securities Trading Corporation of India, Primary Dealer, Mumbai.
Accordingly the workshop were held at Vashi and Sangli. The same programme is now also arranged for urban coop. banks in Aurangabad and Nagpur Region. The guidelines for investment opportunity is provided by representatives of RBI and STCI. P.D., Mumbai.

For detail contact Urban Bank Deptt., Vashi -
Tel No. 022 - 27892496
27892384 Extn - 206/203




  1. Corporate Planning and Institutional Development (CPID)

Corporate Planning and Institutional Development (CPID) Department was formed in Oct 2007 with a view to suggesting measure to transform the Bank into a vibrant and strong institution that would lead its client institutions in the process of economic activities, to achieve socio-economic development through co-operative process with special reference to those in the countryside.

CPID Department is required to carry out policy related functions viz. defining mission of the Bank, policy formulation, preparation of schemes for business and support services, suggest innovations in systems and do i n-depth analyses of problems through research. Further the functions related to preparation of Bank profile, financial statements and annual report, data analyses & interpretation and address Banks publicity needs to be attended by this department.

So far, this department has drawn up schemes for directly financing Self Help Groups (SHG) through branches, direct finance to SHG federations & processing units with majority women members for micro and small enterprises refinance for sericulture through DCC Banks and r ating based on the performance of borrowing units. Further this department has played major role in organizing sale exhibition of SHG products at Vashi in the Bank’s premises and a workshop on sericulture which had participation of farmers and representatives of DCCBs.

Financing out of Co-operative fold : Expansion and or Modernisation of Projects

* Objective : To extend finance for expansion and / or modernisation of the existing projects and working capital outside co-operative fold.

* Eligible Borrowers : Registered firms, companies, businessmen. The applicant must be in profit during last two consecutive years and just be rated not lower than investment grade rating agency registered by SEBI. Such rating should not be more than 1 year.

* Types of loan : Medium term loan for expansion and modernisation and Short term loan for working capital.

Medium term Loan :

* Quantum of loan : Based on the credit rating, minimum 50% to max. 75% of cost subject to the permissible exposure as per existing norms.

* Rate of Interest : Linked to credit rating not less than 12.75% per annum.

* Repayment Period : Total repayment period will be maximum 7 years, including moratorium of maximum two years depending on cash flow with equated monthly installments.

* Appraisal and Processing
Fees : The proposals are to be appraised to ascertain technical feasibility and financial viability by competent organisation Appraisal fee will be borne by the borrower. Processing fee @ 0.10% of project cost will be levied to borrower.

Working Capital :

* Quantum of loan : Based on the credit rating minimum 50% to maximum 75% subject to the permissible exposure as per existing norms. The borrower have to maintain minimum 40% margin.

* Rate of Interest : Linked with credit rating but not less than 11.50% per annum. Interest will be recovered monthly.

* Repayment Period :The loan has to be repaid within a year and limit will be renewed for next production year before expiry as per request of borrower.

* Appraisal and Processing
Fees : The proposal are to be appraised to ascertain technical feasibility and financial viability by competent organisation. Appraisal fee will be borne by the borrower Processing fee @ 0.10% of the project cost will be levied to borrower.





  1. Inspection and Audit dept. (IAD)
    IAD plays the supervisory role over the borrowing units through the divisional offices. The observations on the inspection reports are communicated to concerned units. Control on inspection machinery of the Divisional Offices of the Bank by way of Inspection program formulation & its control, approval of their TADA bills. Evaluation of Inspection reports of the IO's and issuing of guidelines / directives for corrective measures to respective borrowing units / IO's / Divisional offices. Information providing to management for decision-making.

Internal Audit deptt. submit the quarterly audit memos of the respective units to Audit compliance cell. After receiving Audit memos, Audit compliance cell pursue with the respective units for the compliance. If compliance is not found satisfactory, re-compliance is also called from the concerned units. Compliance reports of Govt. Audit memos and Internal audit memos and compliances of NABARD's Core Area issues / Quick / Statutory inspection are placed before the Audit sub-committee and BOD for its approval.

This faciliates effective check and control over the day to day working of the bank and immediate rectification.





  1. Recovery Dept.
    Recovery Dept. consolidates the recovery effected from accounts of direct borrowers. Further the work of assessment of NPA, provisioning towards the accounts in NPA, obtaining Security of loans by way of property mortgages, Lien creation, etc. legal proceedings for recovery of overdue amounts, Bank and Management Information System formulation / its maintenance regarding NPA loans is undertaken at Recovery Dept.





  1. Internal Audit Dept.
    This department undertakes the continous and concurrent audit on quarterly basis of all branches, Regional Offices, Pay Offices and Divisional Offices except in Nagpur Region. A separate provision is made for the internal audit for Nagpur regional / Divisional Office and Branches under it. However, test audit of Nagpur RO and its affiliated offices / units are undertaken by the internal Audit Dept of Administrative office, Vashi.
    The audit of income and expenditure, drawals and balance sheet and its statements is the prime and main work of this department. The pre-audit of major items of expenditure, provident fund, gratuity, income tax, TA / DA etc is carried out on priority basis.




Administrative Office Address

Address Plot No. 88, Sector No. 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai - 400703
P. O. Box No. 29
Phone +91 022 27892340, 27890329, 27890458, 27890470/4923
Fax +91 022 27895040




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